Opened late this summer, Dakgogi is another North York restaurant specializing in Korean Fried Chicken. The Fiance and I stopped by on a Thursday to indulge in some fried goodness and a pitcher of beer. We were the only diners until another couple walked in at the tail end of our meal, which was surprising because we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Service was friendly and we didn’t have any issues ordering in English. I liked the chickens painted on the wall and the cute hand drawn ones on the menu. Our order was simple, choosing to go with the Large Combo that comes with a whole fried chicken and pitcher of beer for $37.99. We decided to split our order with half plain and half with Korean sauce. Between the two, I liked the Korean sauce while The Fiance prefered the plain ones.

Before the chicken arrived, a complimentary cabbage salad was served. The raw cabbage was refreshing and cleared the palate but there was a lot of thousand island dressing. A combo platter could easily have fed 3-4 people with an appetizer. The chicken itself was crispy and the batter tasty. Dakgogi’s beer selection was simple but growing. Currently they offer 905 Lager and San Miguel in addition to domestic brands.

I’m not sure why the restaurant was so empty when there’s lines outside the Fry just a couple of blocks south. It may be the location in between condo buildings that there’s a dip in foot traffic, but if you’re craving KFC, Dakgogi deserves a visit. With 1/2 priced wings on Mondays and Tuesday, it’s a great time to check them out.

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