Emma’s Country Kitchen

I met up with my maid of honour on a beautiful Saturday to grab brunch before checking out bridesmaid dresses. This was the best plan. To have an indulgent meal before trying on dresses, a true dress rehearsal for the wedding reception. Even though we were on a tight schedule and knew that Emma’s Country Kitchen didn’t take reservations, every bite was worth being 10 minutes late.

Atmosphere: At 1pm on a Saturday, the restaurant was busy. There was a steady line of diners queued up that consisted of families with small children and regulars assuring their guest the wait would would be worth it. The dining room itself was small, cosy, seated about 30 people with only one or two large tables. We ended up sitting at the front window and baked in the sun. Despite the line outside, we didn’t feel rushed and the meal was relaxed.

Service: While not the most efficient, I did appreciate that the servers took their time to check in on diners, and let everyone enjoy their meal at a comfortable pace. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I wouldn’t have been scouting how long a table took to be cleared. Our server was very friendly, food arrived quickly and it was easy to settle your bill at the counter at your own leisure. I loved that you were able to get a cup of coffee while waiting for a table. Major plus point.

Food: After enjoying a cup of coffee in line, I ordered a glass of fresh grapefruit juice to go along with my meal (and many more cups of coffee). My friend and I made the smart decision to split a savoury and sweet plate. Our savoury dish was The Classic with two eggs over easy, sage and onion sausage and upgraded to a buttermilk biscuit for $1.50. This was one of the best buttermilk biscuits I’ve ever eaten, rich and flakey, just perfect for soaking up egg yolk. The sausage patties were generously seasoned and had a deep sage flavour. Really, every part of the plate was heavenly from the herbed red-skin potatoes to the perfect eggs. Writing this review is making me drool.

The second half of our meal was a stack of fluffy Fall Flapjacks, spiced pumpkin pancakes with roasted walnuts and toffee served with maple syrup and whipped honey citrus butter. It was as good as it sounds. The pancakes were fluffy, not too dense and moist with a strong pumpkin flavour. There’s no doubt that lots of real pumpkin was used. I loved the slight acidity of the citrus butter that complimented the many sweet components like toffee. Every other bite also had a wonderful walnut crunch. Although “Fall” is in the name of this menu item, I’d order it all year around. Also, I can’t wait to see what Emma’s Country Kitchen comes up with for the upcoming seasons! Peppermint Chocolate? Eggnog?

Emma’s Country KitchenEmma’s Country Kitchen
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