Maui – Cool Cat Cafe

Cool Cat Cafe was one of the restaurants recommended to us for our trip to Maui. Advertised as “the best burger in Maui”, The Fiance and I stopped by for dinner near the end of our trip, when we were ready for a non-seafood-centric meal. The restaurant was located in the heart of Lahaina’s tourist area, easy to find and ideal for families with a simple menu and kid-friendly choices.

After a day in the sun, we opted to sit inside where the A/C was on high. Cool Cat Cafe did have an awesome outdoor patio that overlooked the waterfront with live performers, picturesque “Hawaiian”. The restaurant interior was decorated like a diner with red and white benches, tall red leather bar stools and posters of old-school movies covered the walls. There was a lot of Marilyn and Elvis.

The Fiance ordered The Leader of the Pack Burger while I chose the Luna. His burger was topped with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, Maui onions and thousand island dressing. The patty was juicy and the slices of tomatoes and onions were thick. Overall, it was a good burger on a toasted bun. My burger was topped the same, with the addition of melted Jack cheese and bacon. With both burgers, I liked the thousand island dressing, an unusual topping that added more tanginess to each bite than ketchup would have.

We split a side of half fries and onion rings. Decent fires, but the onion rings were over battered. I could’ve skipped those and stuck to just the crispy fries. The pina colada was rich, smooth and creamy with lots of coconut flavour.

Cool Cat Cafe puts together a good burger with fresh ingredients. I would’ve preferred if the patty was thicker and a coarser grind, but I’m spoiled with the great burger offerings in Toronto. With lots of booths and a make your own milk shake menu, Cool Cat Cafe is a great stop for anyone visiting Maui.

Maui – Cool Cat Cafe
Maui – Cool Cat Cafe
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