Globe Bistro

Globe Bistro is an established restaurant in Greektown that offers a menu focused on local ingredients. Although I had made reservations during summerlicious, only myself and one other person ordered off the set menu. Everyone else opted for the Swine and Dine.

Atmosphere: The decor was modern contemporary. Two large art pieces decorated the formal dining area and wooden sculptures filled the remaining wall space. Our group of seven was seated comfortably for a late lunch and quiet background music allowed for easy conversation.

Service: For the majority of our meal, service was standard, professional and friendly. It was only near the end, when we were ready to get our bill when we ran into a long wait. The dining area had cleared out and it took a good 10 minutes to flag down a server.

Food: After perusing the $20 summerlicious and weekend brunch menu, the majority of our party was swayed by The Swine and Dine. I stuck to set menu, because I knew I could eat off the Fiance’s plate and because I wanted dessert. Globe Bistro did offer to add any summerlicious dessert items to a regular order for just $8.

For my lunch, I chose the Tuna Crudo, Fried Chicken Thighs and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Two triangles of tuna were served with pressed watermelon, raw watercress and radish garnish. The dish was light and summery. Raw watercress has a great nutty flavour and went well with the watermelon and fish. When the fried chicken arrived, I was disappointed with the simple presentation. The colours were flat and the garnish was minimal. Digging into the dish, my opinion didn’t improve much. I liked the use of dark meat and the chicken was flavourful and tender, just a bit oily. The popcorn grits however, I didn’t enjoy. The texture was porridgey and thick while I prefer grits to be smoother. Dessert was a highlight with a combination of hazelnuts and chocolate, one of my favourites.

Onto the Swine and Dine, which was the better choice looking back. The dish was made up of 3 eggs, cooked any way, potato hash and pork 7 ways including sausage, bacon and pork belly. Portions were generous, well priced and every component was delicious. I loved the variety on the plate and exploring each piece. My favourite was the pork belly, soft, and perfect caramelized fat. This was a great plate, perfect for an indulgent brunch (or recovery after a night out).

Globe BistroGlobe BistroGlobe BistroGlobe BistroGlobe Bistro
Globe Bistro
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