Double Lucky Seafood is an unassuming restaurant  tucked away in a strip mall on the corner of Highway 7 and McCowan. It’s a regular dim sum venue for the BF’s family and after our meal I can easily see why.

Atmosphere: Arriving at 1pm meant we missed the usual dim sum morning rush. The restaurant was quiet and about half full still. There was nothing really memorable about the restaurant interior or decor, a very standard Chinese restaurant.

Service: Each table was set with an ordering sheet in Chinese and English. The English translations were pretty good for the most part and didn’t require too much deciphering to find the dishes we wanted. Food arrived quickly and was freshly steamed. Since we did visit during an off-peak hour, egg tarts were sold out but our server let us know right away and gave us an eta.

Food: We started with a dim sum staple of shrimp dumplings, which were good, had lots of filling and thin wrappers. Next was a bbq pork pastry, turnip cake, dough fritter rice roll and steamed tripe. I liked the seasoning of the bbq pork it was clear by the flaky pastry, lots of butter was used. The dough fritter and the tripe was well seasoned, standard. For me, the turnip cake was a miss though. The patties weren’t crispy enough and was under salted.

The BF wanted me to try the offal dish, which is a classic dim sum dish that my family usually doesn’t order. Included were all sorts of edible organs such as lung and spleen. I’m not a squeamish eater so I thought each bite was interesting. Each piece tasted the same but with different textures. I would recommend trying the dish at Lucky Seafood as the serving included more of the “good stuff” vs radish filling.

Next was the “leaky sand bao” or 奶黄包. This is a steamed bun filled with a custard and salted egg yolk filling. I loved the mixture of sweet and salty and the creamy consistency of the filling. The baos were served piping hot and the bread was soft and doughy. This was my first time having this type of bao and I can only hope it’s always this delicious. This is a must try. We finished the meal with a plate of crispy fried noodles topped with pork and julienned vegetables. The sauce of stir fry was savoury and rich, which mixed in with the crispy noodles made for a great bite.

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