Montreal is one of my favourite cities in Toronto and also where I lived for 7 years before moving to the GTA. I was in town in August 2012 for the Osheaga music festival and took the opportunity to (of course) eat!

These were my top 5 eats from this trip:

  1. Poutine @ La Banquise: 994 Rue Rachel E
    • Cheesy, open 24 hours, quintessential Montreal poutine
    • Classic poutines and many more toppings
  2. Smoked Meat Sandwich @ Schwartz Deli: 3895 Saint Laurent Boulevard
    • Layers of meat, rich and fatty, smoked flavour you can’t find anywhere else
  3. Macarons @ Point G: 1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
    • Unique flavours, denser cookie
  4. Brunch @ L’Avenue: 922 Avenue Du Mont-Royal E
    • Be prepared for a wait, the eggs benedict are worth it
  5. Coffee Break @ Brulerie St Denis: 3967 St Denis St
    • Great for a pit stop between bead stores and boutiques

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