Hot Bunzz started off as a vendor at the Toronto Underground Market and now has a home as part of the Urban Bistro at St. Clair and Yonge. During the week, Hot Bunzz serves up their take on the Chinese bun with non traditional fillings. Buns are baked daily and there’s a different feature bun each day.

We visited for lunch on a Monday when the special was a bison short rib bun. I ordered the double combo, which comes with two buns, a drink and a side. Sides change daily as well and is usually a type of salad or soup. My buns were the bison short rib and the thai basil beef. Two buns are quite filling but I wanted to try more than one flavour. Normally a single combo would have been a good portion. I liked the thai basil more than the bison, which I found too sweet and not as distinctive in flavour. The thai basil stood out more.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the quick-service style but it’s very similar to a food court. There is seating to eat inside the bistro, but payment was a little confusing because the vendors are close together and it was hard to tell when one ended and another began. It wasn’t clear where orders were taken and where to pay; the process could have been more organized. This may have been just growing pains since we visited only a month after they had settled in. .

After 5pm, you can pick up 6 buns for $5. If you’re in the neighbourhood (or even not), Hot Bunzz is a great lunch spot to grab a quick bite that’s unique and filling.

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