To be honest, I’ve never been a huge burger girl. It wasn’t until starting work, where my co-workers often grabbed burgers from South Street or the burger place nearby (Bamburger) when I first start ordering them regularly. Then when I was introduced to The Burger’s Priest, my appreciation for a good burger grew exponentially and I was fully converted.

There’s a normal menu with the standard cheeseburgers, vegetarian patty (more on this later) a few specialty burgers (chili topping), and then there is the special “secret” menu with over some over the top burger concoctions. I noticed on this visit that the a few items from the “secret” menu are now posted, however it’s not the entire list. I would recommend ordering from the “secret” menu only on return visits, the classic is a necessity.

I ordered the Priest, which is a cheeseburger with an addition of the Option, their vegetarian patty. The Option is a blend of cheese stuffed between two portobello mushrooms, then breaded and deep fried, basically a bite of crispy, melted heaven.  This is on top of their original hand formed patty, that is lightly seasoned, airy and so so juicy. This is the best Burger I’ve had in Toronto, I go out of my way and happily wait in line for this burger.

The BF ordered the High Priest, which is their version of McDonald’s Big Mac, much improved and even more addictive. Next visit, I need to convince him to split a Vatican City (a double cheeseburger, with two grilled cheese buns…for buns).

The patties are cooked in batches, so if you’re part of a large group order, there may a wait time in between if the orders are caught in different batches.

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