Since Falasca opened, I’ve only heard great things about their pizza and finally made it for lunch last week. We arrived at around 12:30 and there was still a line to the door from the counter. At lunch time, Falasca offers 8 pizza choices from their extensive menu. Each slice is cut to order and priced by weight (~2.00-$2.50/100g), credit cards are accepted only for orders over $10. It was very busy that day and the counter was beginning to look sparse by the time I made it to order.

I grabbed slices of the pesto and focaccia prosciutto, and swapped for a slice of the diavolo from my friend. It was a lot of pizza for me in one sitting but I polished off every bite. The crust was thin and crispy while the ingredients were fresh and paired well together. I really liked the pine nuts on the pesto pizza.

The seating area at lunch was self-serve and the owner was friendly and efficient working behind the counter.

I’m looking forward to trying out more of the pizza flavours and pastas in the future.

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