Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a show on The Food Network that has been on the air since 2006, highlighting the best fast, comfort foods (usually also greasy, rich and delicious) around the United States. Neighbourhood gems, and family run restaurants are often featured on the show. When I heard they were filming in Toronto, I knew wherever Guy Fieri went, I would follow.

The Lakeview is open 24 hours and serves breakfast/brunch fare around the clock. The menu also offers a selection of burgers/sandwiches and chili along with classic drinks and daily drink specials ($4 daily pints, caesars and $3 glass of mimosa).

Atmosphere: The place was already starting to fill up as we walked in at around 6pm. Luckily there was a tiny booth at the front of the restaurant which the couple in front of us passed on. My friend and I was there for the food so had no issues being a little cramped. The decor inside is very diner, there’s a bar to sit at and more booths than tables and the walls were covered with different styles of art. As for the patrons, I saw a lot of suspenders, mustaches and crochet, take that as you will,

Service: Our server was really friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Even though we were seated at the very front of the restaurant, it wasn’t hard to flag someone down when needed. Our food arrived quickly and hot.

Food: For an appetizer, my friend and I split an order of disco fries. Each fry covered in the two cheese (cheddar and havarti), bacon bits and gravy was amazing. We polished off this dish pretty quickly, and it was also a good size to split. I ordered the classic “Eggs Benedict”, two eggs with hollandaise sauce and choice of side, while my friend was more adventurous with her order of the “Freedom Toast”, baguette dipped in egg and stuffed with bacon, brie and havarti served with syrup.

Both dishes came with healthy side of hand cut chips, fruit and mixed green salad. The chips were my favourite part of the dish, crispy and not too thinly sliced. I finished most of my fries before even getting to the eggs. The hollandaise sauce was creamy and the eggs were poached nicely, fully cooked whites and runny yolk. My friend really enjoyed her dish as well. We both struggled a bit with just how much food. I also ordered a side of mashed potatoes, which I ended up taking away.

For the good portion sizes and quality comfort food, The Lakeview is a great spot any time of day.

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