Sun’s Kitchen

Sun’s Kitchen is a small food court booth on the second floor of Pacific Mall and specializes in hand pulled noodles. The chef pulls each bowl to order and the loud banging of dough attracts many spectators. When I first started my search for hand pulled noodles in Toronto, Sun’s Kitchen was one of the only results. Many Chinese restaurants had them on their menu, but few were specialized noodle shops. I had high hopes of Sun’s Kitchen.

Being a food court, there were no service elements. Pictures of menu items were displayed around the booth making it easy to order. Once you placed your order, your receipt is returned with an order number and you wait for it be called. Self serve hot sauce, chilli oil and soy sauce is provided with a stack of take-out cups. For my fresh bowl of noodles, it was about a 5 minute wait. Seating is available and I’ve never seen all of the seats taken during any of my visits.

I ordered the classic, spicy Dan Dan Mian. We’ll start with the highlights. The noodles were a good price at $6 and the soup was amazing. Strong, rich peanut flavour, opaque and creamy. I also liked the texture and chewiness of the noodles. As for the lowlights, toppings were minimal, just chopped green onion and a handful of peanuts. I’m not sure if I visited on an off day but the width of the noodles was also inconsistent. I watched the chef pull them and noticed a few strands broke with each pull. This resulted in varying thickness of noodles that was very obvious. Based on other pictures online, this shouldn’t have been an issue.

As is, if I needed lunch at Pacific Mall, Sun’s Kitchen would be top choice. If I was craving hand-pulled noodles, I might go elsewhere.

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