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As I’ve mentioned previously, my family loves AYCE Japanese with Yang’s being our usual choice. When I was home for the holidays this year, we decided to try a new location with great reviews. K&B Sushi took over the space previously occupied by Crazy Sushi in the AMC complex at Winston Churchill and the QEW. They have a teppanyaki room in addition to AYCE dinner and lunch menus.

Atmosphere: The decor is very modern and clean, light wood and dark leather materials are used with a ceiling full of white pendant light. There are a lot of tables for large groups and booths have high partitions, giving them a private feel. During that lunch hour, most of the patrons were families and many had small children.

Service: K&B is one of the AYCE restaurants who utilize an Ipad ordering system. The app was very easy to use. All of the menu items are pictured, categorized and had a description. You simply go through the menu and press “+” to set the number of orders of each item. Once you’re set, there’s a button to call the server, who will come and sends the order to the kitchen. The whole process was really efficient and I found all of our items arrived with no mistakes. It was hard to get a server’s attention though. Outside of placing an order or serving a dish, no one really came by. The app did allow you to call for service. Also, adding anything to the order must be done through the app, it’s not possible to just verbally tell your server.

Food: In addition to the usual Japanese rolls, nigiri, noodles and appetizers, K&B offers a select number of Chinese dishes as well such as a sweet and sour soup and shrimp dumplings. My dad doesn’t eat raw fish so we always order a lot of cooked items from the kitchen as well as rolls and nigiri. The galbi and teriyaki were well cooked, not tough and the tempura were lightly battered. I really liked the sweet and sour soup, one of my weaknesses at any restaurant. As for the shrimp dumplings, I don’t think they were made fresh but they were decent. The katsu’s were also thin, very tender, and had a nice crispy breading. A unique menu item was the unagi pancake, which was bbq eel topping a small korean pancake covered in katsu sauce, pretty good.

The sushi assortment at lunch is one of the widest I’ve seen in Mississauga with saba and mackerel offered. Each piece had a nice thick slice of fish and the right amount of rice. Similarly, their rolls were also heavy on the filling and light on rice, the best kind of roll. Ice cream selection is standard with green tea, red bean, mango, vanilla and chocolate. Soft drinks and hot tea are also included. K&B Sushi might be our new go to AYCE restaurant if the quality and service remains consistent.

K&B Sushi K&B Sushi K&B Sushi K&B Sushi

K&B Sushi
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