Last year, back during warmer days and patio weather, my friends and I stopped by Parallel for a relaxing weekday lunch. I enjoyed their hummus so much, I bought a jar of tahini home for Stephen to try. Service was friendly and accommodating for myself, a carnivore, and my friend, a vegetarian. Located on Geary Ave., Parallel has a large dining room, a take-out counter and a great patio. Geary Ave itself is a fascinating street mixed with local restaurants, artisans and auto shops. With Darkhorse and Famiglia Baldassarre down the street, Parallel is in good company.

We started with sharing the seasonal salad, which featured watermelon, feta, balsamic and arugula. Refreshing, fresh ingredients and a delicious combination of sweetness and acidity, creamy and crunchy. I also enjoyed the slices of red chili pepper that added a touch of heat. A great salad that I totally plan on replicating at home, or at least attempting to. For our main, we ordered the Lamb & Beef Ragu on Hummus. As we asked our server questions about how meaty the dish was, she let us know it would be easy to serve the lamb and beef ragu separately from the hummus, a perfect option for us. Dishes arrived with little wait (before I was even done taking photos of the salad) and our server checked in on us throughout our meal.

The hummus was so creamy and rich, enough of a meal all on its own with the soft pillowy pita (no charge refills!). We cleaned up that plate of hummus and tahini. I didn’t need the lamb and beef ragu, but it was a tasty addition. Not too gamey, savoury and well-spiced.

Overall, lunch at Parallel was relaxed and a treat. The hummus really is the best in the city and elevates a dish I usually think of as a snack to a full meal.

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