Happy 3 Months

I started this post on Alivia’s 100 day celebration and hopefully it only takes a few attempts to complete. It’s impossible to write an entire blog post in one sitting these days, but now that Alivia’s hit the 3 month mark and finished her growth spurt (*fingers crossed*), I have a bit more time in between her meals. It’s been a nice change.


Mind: Win, I feel like I know what Alivia wants most of the time. We’ve been very lucky to have had help from my mom and mother in law since Alivia’s birth but I’m feeling more and more confident in my own mommy skills every day. There may be some dirty dishes in the sink and dinner might be takeout pizza, but I’m not worried about taking care of Alivia by myself.

Not win, nursing still feels like a chore. Alivia nurses so much faster, but still frequently, especially during growth spurts. By the end of the day if she’s fussy with her bottle and bedtime, I get incredibly irritable at losing the little alone time I have after she falls asleep.

I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that being a mom isn’t a 9-5 role, but 24/7. I naively thought I’d be more productive on my mat leave. Ha.

Body: The past month, I’ve started focusing more on my food intake now that my milk supply seems to have settled. I’m loosely calorie counting and the scale’s started to budge! 5 pounds down, 25 to go. I’ve also started Mommy and Baby yoga and am dutifully taking Alivia on her daily walks. Every body part still jiggles quite a bit, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Balance: Win, finally got a haircut. Not Win, I grabbed dinner with a girlfriend just blocks away and Alivia had a bit of a meltdown. I haven’t missed a bedtime yet but have several events planned next week without her including a dinner downtown. *Fingers Crossed* I won’t cancel last minute from mom guilt.


Milestones: I’m amazed by how much she’s changing and learning everyday. It seems like every time I look away and look back, she’s picked up a new skill. Right now, she’s trying her best to roll over and I often find her on her side. Her two hands are her favourite chew toys, with a distinct preference for her left fist. She hasn’t found her thumbs just yet.

I’m trying not to track milestones too closely and just enjoy her development without pushing. The tiger mom claws are starting to come out already, I’m trying my best to keep them filed down.

Social: Since she’s learned to smile, Alivia loves to show off her gums. She’s laughed out loud a few times, but it’s not consistent yet. She’s just learned to squeak and squeal last week and between the two sounds, her raptor impression is impressive.

Sleeping: We’ve still had no luck introducing her to a pacifier, which means I end up nursing her to sleep a lot. On one hand, it’s easy. On the other, only I can do it and some days I feel pretty touched out. Although I’ve been able to read more books in the past 3 months than I have in the past few years.

Play: Her favourite play activity is to be swung back and forth or up and down, a great workout for my arms.

With the summer warming up, I can’t wait to take her on her first cottage trip and her first trip to the pool.
Happy 3 MonthsHappy 3 Months

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