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I have a soft spot of Hong Kong cafes, especially macaroni with spam. For me, the simple bowl of noodles and broth is quintessential comfort food. This meant that even though we went to Cafe Hollywood for their chicken wings, I couldn’t resist the $5.99 All Day Breakfast.

Atmosphere: The restaurant decor was true to theme with life-size Oscar statues and framed movie posters covering the walls. I was reminded of Hard Rock Cafe. Compared to other Hong Kong cafes, the interior was more modern and thoughtful, but the furniture was beginning to show age.

Service: Most Hong Kong cafes offer minimum but very efficient service and my expectations are quite low. Cafe Hollywood did not even meet the low bar. Service was disorganized. Each server was responsible for every task from clearing tables to taking orders, which is a normal setup, but this translated to servers being distracted by tasks without any system of prioritization. We waited to be seated, even though several tables were empty. It was also difficult to get anyone’s attention.

Food: Despite the less than stellar service, I really liked the food. Since I couldn’t resist breakfast, The Hubby and I split a bowl of Macaroni topped with two slices of Luncheon Meat, which came with a bun, two eggs and a slice of deli ham. I asked for my eggs sunny side up, and they were a touch undercooked. The bowl was filled with noodles and had a good amount of corn, peas and carrots as well. The texture of the macaroni was on the softer side, perfect for the dish, and the broth was lightly seasoned without being salty.

The main reason we visited Cafe Hollywood was for their happy hour wing special, 20 pcs for just $16.99 from 1pm to closing. We ordered one basket HK Style, a simple salt and pepper and another Pepper Chilli. Each basket comes with fries and a bowl of thick brown gravy. The wings were lightly battered, crispy and not oily. The seasoning was flavorful, not overpowering, and each wing was juicy inside. Really good. With the pepper chilli, the topping was a lot of minced garlic with black pepper, so order only if you’re ok with having strong garlic breath after.

Overall, the wings at Cafe Hollywood redeemed the meal. I’ll be back, but my heart still belongs to Phoenix.

Cafe HollywoodCafe HollywoodCafe Hollywood
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