Shenzhen – Laurel Dim Sum

My time in Hong Kong this summer centred around The Hubby’s childhood memories and traditions. One thing he always does when in Hong Kong is pop over the border to Luoho Commercial City in Shenzhen for custom tailored suits. I tagged along to help pick out fabrics, get a foot massage and grab dim sum.

We took a train from Mong Kok to the border, passed through customs and was greeted by a the giant 5 storey shopping centre filled with small shops (think Pacific Mall) from clothing to accessories, shoes and electronics. There were no brand name stores and many offered wholesale pricing and quantities. We headed straight to the “tailor” section of the building, which was filled with small shops and packed with samples. The Hubby’s family has been visiting the same tailor for as long as he could remember. We flipped through a magazine of suit styles and settled on one before moving on to thick books of fabric swatches. Throughout all this, I assumed his aunts agreed to pricing and bargained it out in Cantonese while we focused on just shopping. The Hubby ended up ordering three suits, which his aunts helped pick up and ship to Canada.

After our main goal for the trip was done, we were rewarded with dim sum at Laurel Restaurant, located on the 5th floor of Luoho Commercial City. The large restaurant was very busy and hectic with every table filled and a line outside. We ordered a table full of dishes and none disappointed, I especially enjoyed the hot clay pot dishes and flakey bbq pork roll. I found the skin on the shrimp dumplings a little thick, but the chicken feet were tender and juicy. Of all the meals in Hong Kong, this one was the closest in style and flavour to Cantonese restaurants in Toronto. Service was efficient and professional.

Shenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim SumShenzhen – Laurel Dim Sum

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