Millie Creperie

For me, Millie Creperie was another Instagram find. I was actually on my way to get a haircut (at Chura salon, my go to since they opened) and realized the bakery was next door. There was no other option but to pop in and grab slices of their namesake cake. It was meant to be.

The menu at Millie Creperie centred around crepes and their selection of gelato. Each crepe was rolled into a cone and filled with combinations of ingredients from sweet to savoury. Customers could choose to go Asian with matcha, red bean and black sesame flavours or classic with nutella and banana. Normally, I would’ve gone with a crepe cone but that day, I was set on the mille crepe cake.

A French dessert, mille crepes are made with layers of paper thin crepes, held together by whipped pastry cream. At Millie Creperie, the cake consisted of 20 9″ crepes. Two flavours were available, vanilla and green tea. I grabbed a slice of each to go. Full cake orders are available but require 3 days notice ($69 for vanilla and $79 for green tea).

The dessert was creamy and a little difficult to eat. As we neared the end of each slice, the layers slipped away from each other with each fork cut. Each bite was delectable. Between the two flavours I prefered the vanilla, which was lightly sweet and rich in vanilla flavour. The top layer of the green tea cake was saturated with matcha powder, making each bite a touch bitter. The layers of crepe were thin and delicate, creating a unique texture and being a perfect vessel for the light pastry cream.

While simple in concept (just crepes and cream right?), creating a mille crepe cake takes patience, time and plenty of TLC. At over $7 per slice, the cost was a touch on the expensive side for dessert, but for the labour intensive delectable treat, totally worth it.

Millie CreperieMillie CreperieMillie CreperieMillie CreperieMillie Creperie
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