Montreal – NuDo Noodle House

The Fiance has been working in Montreal for over a year now and goes out for lunch everyday. One of his favourite spots is NuDo Noodle House at the Eaton centre, which serves up fresh hand pulled noodles. When we visited the city back in February, in the middle of a snowstorm, a hot bowl of chewy noodles from NuDo’s Chinatown location was a perfect lunch.

Since there was a ton of snow outside and a Sunday, the restaurant was quiet and pretty empty. We had no problems with ordering all in English and all the servers did speak Mandarin as well. The restaurant was pretty spacious with plenty of square tables. Multiple TVs were mounted in corners and streaming an old Naruto episode.

We ordered a cold dish and a soup bowl to split between the 3 of us. For the cold dish, we choose the shredded chicken with sesame sauce and for the soup bowl, the classic beef noodle soup. Both noodle dishes were excellent and a really big portion. The noodles were had a great texture, consistent thicknesses and were cooked perfectly. Once we mixed the shredded chicken dish, there was plenty of delicious sesame dressing to coat every ingredient. This dish was refreshing with lots of fresh vegetables and super filling. The beef noodle bowl had traditional flavours and a savoury, traditional broth (strong anise and five spice flavour). The beef was tender and the bok choy still crispy.

At NuDo, it’s all about the noodles. Compared to a few places I’ve tried in Toronto, so far no one beats them in noodle pulling.

Montreal – NuDo Noodle House
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