Grapemasters Spanish Wine

Grapemasters is a Toronto based grape importer that aims to provide amateur winemakers with access to high quality grapes from vineyards all over the world. They’ve recently partnered with Spanish Vineyard, Mas de la Caçadora, to bring their customers frozen Spanish must, which enables their customers the flexibility to make world-class wine all year round. I was invited to a wine tasting held by Charles Fajgenbaum, a Certified Grand Master Winemaker and Grapemasters’ consulting winemaker, to taste wines made from the Spanish must. Juan Pujades, owner of Mas de la Cacodora was also present to provide an in-depth description of his grapes, wines and process.

Disclaimer: All drinks and dishes were provided free of charge by the restaurant. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine.

During the tasting, we sampled 2 red wines and 1 white (not pictured) from Juan’s wineyard and 2 wines made by Charles using the imported Spanish must. There was also 3 mystery wines for us to guess if they were made by Juan or Charles. All three Spanish wines we sampled are available by private order and at Patria. I’m no wine expert, in fact far from it but I do enjoy a good red with my steak.

  • Rosa La Guapa – blend of Carignan, Grenache Noir, Merlot
  • Quom – blend of Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Grenanche Noir

Of the 2 reds we sampled, I prefered the Rosa La Guapa, which was sweeter. We were also treated to a 100% Grenache Blanc, an example of an uncommon wine that is possible when making your own wine with Grapemasters’ grapes. Grenache is typically found in blends. This was my favourite wine of the night, full-bodied for a white wine and still light on the tongue.

The grapes are crushed and frozen immediately after harvest, shipped to Canada and kept frozen until required. Wines made from the frozen must have won awards in several wine competitions (including the Ontario Provincial Competition). In the future, Charles is also looking to source frozen must from Chile and Italy.

Charles also runs Fermentations! on Danforth Ave, that allows customers to make their own wine and beer starting all the way from the raw ingredients to bottling. I’ve bottled my own wine before, and the process was a lot of fun and a cheaper option than buying at the LCBO. Fermentations! offers a selection of over 100 wine recipes to choose from and truly caters to anyone who enjoys wine.

Grapemasters Spanish WineGrapemasters Spanish Wine

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