Five Guys Markham

A couple of week of weeks back, the Fiance and I made an impromptu stop at Five Guys for lunch. I had never been before and we were driving by. The location in Markham is located in one of the newer shopping plazas. In an attempt to stay healthy (hah), I ordered the Little Hamburger and we split one order of cajun fries.

The restaurant wasn’t overly busy with only a handful of tables filled. While we waited for our burgers, we enjoyed the complimentary peanuts. A large self-serve box was set by the pick-up counter with small cardboard shells. My little burger came with a single patty and a normal sized bun. I really liked the unlimited free toppings and chose my fair share. The sesame bun was soft and lightly toasted. As a whole, I thought the burger was only ok. All of the ingredients were fresh, the patty was cooked to well done but still juicy. It was a good burger but not amazing.

Their fries were great. Each fry was generously coated with seasoning and the bag is filled with them. The cook puts in a cup of fries per order, and then dumps in an extra cup. After awhile, The Fiance grew pretty tired of the cajun seasoning and started looking for more naked fries. I liked the salt, but it did overwhelm the natural potato flavour.

Overall, the burger I had at Five Guys was ok, but not really one I’d crave for.

Five Guys Markham
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