Located in Northtown Plaza next to Dumpling King, Sharetea is a bubble tea chain that originated in Taiwan. With locations all over the world, I’m lucky that their Toronto outpost is within a short walk from home. With my frequent check-ins at another popular bubble tea chain, friends on Twitter (@janetkwan) suggested I check out Sharetea as well.

The shop itself is cute, little and consists mainly of the ordering bar; it was a grab and go kind of tea shop. I have to point out that I love their carrying strap! The design is simple but so useful, creating a plastic handle to easily carry your drink. Sharetea also has a stamp card and offers a free drink for ever 10 stamps. Stamps are received for every full priced drink purchased.

I ordered a matcha bubble tea with red bean topping, 30% sugar and less ice. Being able to choose my levels for sugar and ice is now a must for when I order bubble tea. The matcha flavour was strong, natural and you could still taste the base tea flavour. The red bean topping was a touch overcooked and a few grains didn’t hold up well to being poked with the straw. Overall, I thought the drink was comparable to other popular bubble tea places in the city. The menu is focused, consisting of classic flavours, and not overwhelming with choice. If you live in the neighbourhood, Sharetea is a great spot to grab a tasty, good quality bubble tea to go.

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