Korean BBQ is always a crowd pleasure for my family of carnivores. While I enjoy the higher quality meat at non-AYCE Korean BBQ venues, with a teenage brother, the AYCE option is usually a better value for my family. Relative to Toronto, the price tag for AYCE is a steeper in Mississauga, ~$25/person compared to as low as $15/person at Korean Grill House downtown. When I saw that Miga was offering their AYCE lunch menu again back in February, we decided to give it a try.

Miga menu includes Korean entrees along with sushi rolls and appetizers. The AYCE menu does not include table top grilling, but rather the meat is cooked in the kitchen and served in bowls. For lunch, I actually liked this because while it’s less interactive, you don’t have to worry about burning things and the food is a consistent quality. My mom was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to cook ourselves though.

We tried the majority items on the menu under “Korean Side Dish”, “Appetizer”, “Korean Food” and “Korean BBQ”. The side dishes were pretty standard. The seaweed salad had two kinds, wakame and kelp. I liked the kimchi pancake a lot and the bibimbap while the grilled mackerel was a bit bland. As for rolls, we only ordered a dynamite and a spicy salmon roll. They were ok, nothing special.

For the Korean BBQ items, Miga offers galbi, bulgogi, pork and chicken. The pork and chicken are both in a sweet, spicy sauce and very tender. The galbi was cut thin, grilled well and not too fat. My brother really liked the bulgogi and he had a few helpings of this dish. It tasted pretty standard to me, good, but again normal.

I liked the addition of the Korean menu items as AYCE and while nothing was amazing, Miga offered a consistent quality of food with a good selection at a very reasonable price, which is what I look for in an AYCE restaurant when food is churned out quickly and in high volumes. The restaurant offers a more varied menu than typical AYCE Japanese restaurants and is a good change for anyone who prefers cooked items to raw.

Miga-Korean-&-Japanese Miga-Korean-&-Japanese Miga-Korean-&-Japanese Miga-Korean-&-Japanese Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon

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