Sehmi Sushi

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, my family is fairly predictable. We always end up at either our favourite Szechuan restaurant, dim sum or with platters of sushi at home. All three restaurants being spots we’ve been visiting for over 15 years. Sehmi Sushi, located in a strip mall on the north west corner of Dundas and Winston Churchill, has been my favourite spot for sushi in Mississauga since high school (a long time ago).

My love for sushi has been well documented, but my first exposure to raw fish was actually with friends. I then introduced the cuisine to my mom and started taking my little brother out while his palette was still developing. They both also fell in love with the unique texture and flavours of sashimi, but my dad wasn’t so keen. To appease everyone, we usually visited AYCE spots so that my dad could order cooked food to his heart’s content while the rest of us feasted on raw fish (sometimes leaving him the rice balls from nigiri).

During the summer, my brother and I would leave our parents at home and bike down the street to Sehmi (even before it was named Sehmi) to enjoy a few rolls and the light exercise. We also used bike to the nearest McDonald’s for ice cream and dollar drink days. After trying out a few other Japanese restaurants in Mississauga, Sehmi remains my number one based on the quality of their and the great price point.

For Mother’s Day this year, I picked up two party trays, one with just sashimi and another with maki, sashimi and nigiri. The sashimi tray had 33 pieces for $35.95, and the mixed tray had 54 pieces for $69.95. My total bill came to just over $100 for both. Each sashimi piece was cut thick and a good size. The salmon was sweet and buttery. I really liked the texture of the octopus and the tobiko covered scallops. I only wish there were a few more scallop pieces, and would’ve paid a few more dollars for the option of a “deluxe” selection. As for the rolls, the rice was a thin layer and the filling packed. The nigiri also had a good ratio. Again, only 3 pieces of unagi were included and I would’ve loved just 1 or 2 pieces more.

While the variety of fish at Sehmi could be a bit more diverse, no other spot in Mississauga beats their quality and price.

Sehmi Sushi
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