Pan Chancho

This August, the Fiance and I attended a wedding held in Kingston. We decided to spend the night and head home the Sunday after. This gave us the opportunity to have one meal in the city and we headed to Pan Chancho, along with the groom and two other couples for a post-wedding, slightly hungover, brunch.

Atmosphere: Pan Chancho was half bakery (the front) and half cafe (the back). While we waited for a table, we wandered around the tight retail space that featured freshly baked breads, gourmet honey, cook books and delectable cakes. There was a queue for the restaurant, people buying croissants to go and it was hectic. Once seated in the cafe area, the feel was much more relaxed. Our group had a table in the backyard and it was a bright, sunny day. I was thankful for the canopy of umbrellas and enjoyed the fresh air.

Service: In general I found service to be friendly. We changed our reservation last minute to include the groom and the restaurant was happy to accommodate us with only a minor wait. Our server was stretched thin. Between clearing tables and setting up new seating, it took him a few rounds before getting back to our table for coffee refills. I would highly recommend making reservations, especially on the weekend as the restaurant was continuously full.

Food: With the long queue and positive reviews online, I had moderate to high expectations. While waiting for our table, I drooled over the chocolate croissants in the bakery. I was ready to eat something greasy and filling.

From their brunch menu I ordered The Weekender, two over easy eggs on a croissant with bacon, chives, aged cheddar and chilli sauce. The Fiance ordered the Meaty Meat Burger. I tried to show some restraint and did not add an additional chocolate croissant on the side, opting instead for maple sage sausage patties. The dish was fine, exactly as stated but somehow underwhelming and mild in flavour. The croissant was flakey, but a little soggy; the bacon was not thick-cut, the chilli sauce was more like jam and I didn’t even notice the chives. For $16, I wasn’t impressed. My favourite part of the dish was the maple sage sausages that were full of flavour, juicy and well seasoned.

The Fiance’s Meaty Meat Burger was a better showing with a medium rare patty, fresh toppings and a generous spread of Stilton pate. Fries spilled off the plate and the aioli was light and refreshing. I wasn’t sure how both dishes were priced the same. Around the table, my friends had ordered dishes featuring smoked salmon, the Red Eye Poutine and French Toast, all of which looked much more appealing than my own choice. On paper, I would’ve never guessed that to be the outcome. I did enjoy the endless drip coffee, which in my opinion is a must-have for brunch.

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