I and was super excited when this location opened a few years ago because I really like their gelato and have been to their downtown location a few times. Now with this location near work, I have to admit it’s a pretty frequent stop after lunch of for an afternoon break, especially during the summer months. I usually get pistachio and hazelnut, or nutella, or tiramisu, which are all delicious and one of the best I’ve had in Toronto. The fruity flavours are also very fresh and not overly sweet like lime and raspberry. There was an avocado flavour during the summer that was pretty interesting, it tasted more heavily like cilantro than avocado however.

Samples are not given for the more popular flavours like pistachio and understandably, there is less selection in the winter (~half the number of flavours found in the summer). The menu has been expanded recently and they do offer a small food menu.

Pictured below is pistachio and peach flavours.

Gelato Gelato Gelato Simply Italian on Urbanspoon

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