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Happy 6 Months

Seemingly overnight, Alivia is 6 months old and I’m halfway through my maternity leave. Ok, not quite overnight but the weeks have flown by. I have a new understanding and belief in the phrase, “the days may be long but the weeks are short”. That’s how I feel every month as Alivia becomes more mobile

Melitta Pour-Over

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Melitta Canada. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine and not indicative of the opinions or positions held by Melitta Canada. I am not a morning person. Regardless of when I went to sleep the previous night, 8pm, 2am, my natural waking time is 9:00am and

Happy 3 Months

I started this post on Alivia’s 100 day celebration and hopefully it only takes a few attempts to complete. It’s impossible to write an entire blog post in one sitting these days, but now that Alivia’s hit the 3 month mark and finished her growth spurt (*fingers crossed*), I have a bit more time in

Hello Alivia

My pregnancy was what some call a “unicorn” one. My morning sickness was brief, I had few food aversions (cilantro was off limits for a month, the same month I craved tomato and egg noodle soup for every meal) and generally my energy levels were good, although Stephen may disagree. I swelled, but mostly as

Venice – The Food

Venice was one city where I wasn’t too concerned about food since our plan for the day was to wander. I had researched a few spots but for the most part was content to wing it as I didn’t know where our wandering would take us by dinner time. The one meal I had planned