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Chekplate App Review – Closed

Website: Closed What is it: Mobile App Twitter: Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Chekplate. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine and not indicative of the opinions or positions held by Chekplate. The Basics: Chekplate is a mobile app, currently available only for iPhones, launched in September 2013 that aims to provide users with

Michelin Stars

Last night I was watching Three Stars, a documentary on Netflix following restaurants around the world that have earned the coveted three Michelin star rating. While watching the show, especially seeing how the rating system was received with an icy welcome in Japan, I thought back to my own experiences so far with the Michelin star

Winter Blues

Without fail, every year February is a hard month to get through. It’s the shortest month but somehow feels the longest. I must have been a tortoise or bear in a previous life because all I want to do is hibernate. My entire being slows down and motivation is at an all time low. It’s

Time Management 101

I’ve always had an agenda, starting from the school issued planners to my current colour coded Google Calendar version. I still prefer to plan with a pen and paper but the easy access and sharing of a digital calendar is slowly winning me over. The past week has been overwhelming with trying to fit in

Toronto Ramen, Who’s the Best?

Japanese Ramen in Toronto became an emerging trend with the arrival of Kenzo and has continued to thrive with a slew of new restaurants opening the past few years. Today, the downtown core has to offer a plentiful variety of choices when one is craving a hot bowl of noodles. My love of ramen started