Beer Bistro is one of my go-to restaurants in the financial district because of it’s great location (right at King and Yonge, King TTC station) strong food menu and of course their vast beer selection. I stopped by this year on St. Patrick’s day for a few drinks and real food before heading off to more “Irish” venue.

A great option for trying out beer flavours if the “flight”, which includes any 3 samples from their extensive draught menu. The servers are helpful and knowledgeable with recommending choices and I love how the draught menu is categorized based on flavour profile. My usual order is something from each of the “fruity”, “quenching” and “crisp” categories. You can also order by the bottle, and there is even more variety.

Since this was our first stop of the day while waiting for the rest of our group and everyone had already eaten breakfast, we only ordered a few items from the food menu. Beer Bistro does offer a brunch menu on the weekends from 11am to 4pm  with a selection of different toppings with eggs benedict. On this visit, we ordered the fries  cooked in duck fat, kobe beef tacos and cheese and lager fondue.

I always order the side of fries, they’re crispy and savoury (from the duck fat) and comes with smoked ketchup and fresh mayonnaise. The beef tacos had heat and were great to split between people, but weren’t amazing. I really enjoyed the cheese fondue, the flavour was light and not overpowering. The texture could have been creamier and the bread pieces weren’t toasted. My usual dinner order is a mussel bowl and several loaves of the sourdough bread it comes with to soak up as much sauce as possible. I would happily lick the bowl clean after each visit. Beer Bistro strives to incorporate beer in all of their menu items, including dessert. I’m a big fan of their homemade “Beer Scream” and Creme Brulee, both options are a sweet end to the night.

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